• Advantages of Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology on Environmental Protection
    1. Without Toxic CyanideTraditional electroplate will use toxic cyanide to manufacture the surface coating, which is virulent to human being. Only 5 milligram cyanide can poison a person and thos...
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  • Cross-cut Test (Adhesive Force Test)
    Cross-cut Test Method is as follows:1. Use sharp blade (the angle between blade and the surface is 20°-30°) to cut Ten 1mm*1mm’s          &nbs...
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  • Hongbo Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology
    In surface treatment industry, owing to its wide application, environmental protection, innovative technology, actual practicability, huge increment of value and outstanding quality, environmental friendly nano spray plating/coating technology is among industries. Its economic value is also remarkable.
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  • Advantages on Nano Spray Plating/coating Machine
    Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Cooperates with German company, we are specialized in studying nano spray plating/coating technology. Thus, Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Is the first and only company that specialized in nano spray plating/coating technology from home and abroad. The nano spray plating/coating technology we have now has already exceeded European silver mirror technology.
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  • Several Important Features of Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology
    1. Environmental-friendly: when using nano spray plating/coating machine, owing to its materials without cyanide or toxic heavy metals, it is environmental friendly and will do no harm to human b...
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