• Advantages of Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology on Environmental Protection
    1. Without Toxic CyanideTraditional electroplate will use toxic cyanide to manufacture the surface coating, which is virulent to human being. Only 5 milligram cyanide can poison a person and thos...
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  • Cross-cut Test (Adhesive Force Test)
    Cross-cut Test Method is as follows:1. Use sharp blade (the angle between blade and the surface is 20°-30°) to cut Ten 1mm*1mm’s          &nbs...
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  • Hongbo Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology
    In surface treatment industry, owing to its wide application, environmental protection, innovative technology, actual practicability, huge increment of value and outstanding quality, environmental friendly nano spray plating/coating technology is among industries. Its economic value is also remarkable.
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  • Advantages on Nano Spray Plating/coating Machine
    Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Cooperates with German company, we are specialized in studying nano spray plating/coating technology. Thus, Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Is the first and only company that specialized in nano spray plating/coating technology from home and abroad. The nano spray plating/coating technology we have now has already exceeded European silver mirror technology.
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  • Several Important Features of Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology
    1. Environmental-friendly: when using nano spray plating/coating machine, owing to its materials without cyanide or toxic heavy metals, it is environmental friendly and will do no harm to human b...
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  • Differences between Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology and Traditional Electroplate
    In terms of environment protection, nano spray plating/coating technology is green and eco-friendly, without three wastes discharge while traditional electroplate have heavy metal and three wastes dis...
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  • Basic knowledge of Nano Spray Plating
    Nano spray plating is the most cutting-edge high-tech spraying technology in the world. It selects special equipment and leading materials, and uses chemical principles to directly spray to make the s...
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  • Differences between Electrophoretic Plating and Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology
    Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology: easy operation, green and environment protection, widely use, is a high-technology on surface treatment.The advantages of traditional electrophoretic plating is:...
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  • Nano coating can protect electronic products
    The wave of consumer electronics led by smart phones started in 2007 and has been developing for nearly ten years. Both product functions and industrial systems have developed to a relatively perfect ...
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  • Spray plating application environmental protection coating industry
    Nano spray plating has been successfully applied in the environmental protection coating industry, considering the following four aspects:Nano spray plating technology has become a epoch-making high-t...
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