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Nano coating can protect electronic products

Categorys:Company View:52 Date:2019-12-04
The wave of consumer electronics led by smart phones started in 2007 and has been developing for nearly ten years. Both product functions and industrial systems have developed to a relatively perfect level. Large-scale innovation is rare. Micro improvement and minimally invasive innovation have become an important way for brands to highlight their personality and improve their functions. Among them, waterproof function is an important part of minimally invasive new technology, because the components of electronic products will be damaged after water inflow, affecting normal work, and waterproof function is to protect electronic products from water inflow.

Nano waterproof coating can protect electronic products from water damage

Many mobile phone manufacturers have been launching waterproof mobile phones. However, most waterproof mobile phones use waterproof membrane, sealing ring and waterproof rubber plug to achieve waterproof, resulting in unsatisfactory weight and appearance of mobile phones, so it can not meet the needs of consumers, and gradually abandoned by people. However, some manufacturers adopt the three proofing paint to realize water-proof. Although the three proofing paint products have the characteristics of moisture-proof, shockproof and dustproof, with the development of science and technology and the improvement of people's material life, consumers have put forward more requirements for the product quality. People no longer need a simple and rough three proofing product, but should meet more environmental protection, health, light and other aspects Needs.

For this reason, Paiqi nano research and development team has been developing new materials for mobile phone waterproof treatment, constantly improving its process technology, and has successfully developed a special nano waterproof material for mobile phone waterproof - nano waterproof coating liquid. It not only has the basic protective characteristics of the traditional three proofing paint, but also solves some problems that can not be solved by the three proofing paint, greatly improving the protective and environmental protection performance.

Waterproof principle of nano waterproof coating:
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