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Differences between Electrophoretic Plating and Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology

Categorys:Company View:59 Date:2019-12-04
Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology: easy operation, green and environment protection, widely use, is a high-technology on surface treatment.

The advantages of traditional electrophoretic plating is: even thickness, bright and clean surface, easy operation, high efficiency, environment protection, which can reach high-light and matt performance. However, electrophoretic plating normally can only apply on metal materials. This is the core difference between electrophoretic plating and nano spray plating/coating technology.

In addition, the high-light of nano spray plating/coating technology is more glorious than electrophoretic plating. And nano spray plating/coating technology can apply on metal, plastics, glass, resin, plaster, ceramics, rubber, cement and some other kinds of materials. Meanwhile, nano spray plating/coating technology can do thousands of colors with mirror-liked surface.

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