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Basic knowledge of Nano Spray Plating

Categorys:Company View:51 Date:2019-12-04
Nano spray plating is the most cutting-edge high-tech spraying technology in the world. It selects special equipment and leading materials, and uses chemical principles to directly spray to make the surface of the coated object present various specular highlights such as cash, silver, chromium and various colors of red, yellow, purple, green and blue.

The products sprayed with this skill have excellent adhesion, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, wear resistance and scratch resistance, and have outstanding rust proof function. They are usually used for the appearance disposal of fine commodities such as large domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers and large electrical appliance manufacturers, and can also be used for the appearance decoration and maintenance of other professions. The skills are simple, green and environmental friendly It is a kind of high and new appearance disposal skill.

Nano spray plating is a process in which the silver ammonia solution is sprayed on the surface of the workpiece by the spray gun. Spray it all in silver, then add proper color essence to maintain the solvent on the surface to form a different color. Nano spray plating has certain limitations. The best way is to apply it to fine decoration to prevent high-pressure conflict on the workpiece. Nano spray plating also belongs to the field of chemical plating.
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