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Differences between Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology and Traditional Electroplate

Categorys:Company View:51 Date:2019-12-04
In terms of environment protection, nano spray plating/coating technology is green and eco-friendly, without three wastes discharge while traditional electroplate have heavy metal and three wastes disposal.

In terms of production, nano spray plating/coating technology has no limits on materials’ size and materials’ kind, can reach zero waste of materials and color varied. While traditional electroplate has limit on size and color.

In addition, nano spray plating/coating technology has low cost on equipment invest, safe to human being, even touch the paint with your hand, it won’t do any harm. And it is high efficiency for it doesn’t need to do conducting layer or polishing.

While traditional electroplate need to pay a lot to buy the equipment and it will do harm to human being. And to reach high light effect, the base material must do conducting layer and polishing.
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