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Several Important Features of Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology

Categorys:Company View:54 Date:2019-12-04
1. Environmental-friendly: when using nano spray plating/coating machine, owing to its materials without cyanide or toxic heavy metals, it is environmental friendly and will do no harm to human being. Thus, nano spray plating/coating technology is a green, safe technology which is popular among manufacturers.

2. Energy-saving and cost-efficient: traditional electroplate requires large investment, and it is pollutional and it will cause high energy consumption. While nano spray plating/coating technology only cost RMB 68,000- 308,000 whose cost 50% lower than traditional electroplate and it is energy-saving. Owing to which, nano spray plating/coating machine is much better than traditional electroplate.

3. Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology is using spray hand gun to spray paint on the base materials. By this way, there is no limits about the size of the base materials, and it is easy operation. Meanwhile, the coating is with high adhesive force, high hardness and outstanding properties in

4. Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology can realize automatic and mass spray plating/coating production. It is suitable for not only various shapes in small amount’s production, but also automatic, mass production. Thus, nano spray plating/coating machine can meet almost all kinds of production requirements.

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