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Advantages on Nano Spray Plating/coating Machine

Categorys:Company View:59 Date:2019-12-04
Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Cooperates with German company, we are specialized in studying nano spray plating/coating technology. Thus, Dongguan Hongbo Nano Materials Co., Ltd. Is the first and only company that specialized in nano spray plating/coating technology from home and abroad. The nano spray plating/coating technology we have now has already exceeded European silver mirror technology. The advantages of the technology we have are as follows:

1. Higher Adhesive Force

Hongbo Nano Materials adds adhesive force accelerant, our paint use special formula to increase adhesive force. To ensure the adhesive force between base material and base coating paint, we use bi-component paint. To ensure the adhesive force between base coating paint and nano silver coating, we use base coating paint that imported from Germany. Using this paint, even though finish coating not apply, the coating can still pass cross-cut test, which is hard for other surface treatment company to realize. To ensure the adhesive force between nano silver coating and finish coating, we use specialized finish coating paint that imported from Germany. This paint can increase the adhesive force between base coating paint and finish coating paint without affect the middle nano silver coating. Owing to this, the adhesive force of nano spray plating/coating technology was thoroughly solved. So our technology machine can 100% pass cross-cut test and the coating can also realize won’t drop off in outdoors for 8 years long.

2. Can Normally Manufacture in Low Temperature (Minus 10℃)

At present, most manufacturer cannot maintain normal production when the temperature come to minus 10℃, because the silver mirror reaction’s rate will be very low and the silver coating may even go yellow or brown, or go fogged. For some manufacturer, heating system must be added, or else, their production will be cut off in low temperature weather, which will cause production cost increase. The good news is, Hongbo nano spray plating/coating technology can maintain normal production even in low temperature, don’t need the heating system, the silver mirror reaction can keep the same fast rate, and it won’t exist the coating go yellow or go fogged circumstances.

3. Coating Won’t Go Yellow

Silver coating with clear paint will make the coating go yellow is the common problem among nano spray plating/coating technology. The coating goes yellow is actually the sign of the silver coating is easy to be oxidized. Reasons may be various- the silver coating is not dense enough; impurity sediment was occurred during reaction; slow reaction rate and etc. With outstanding formula, Hongbo nano materials can thoroughly solve above problems. We use special German technology, directly adds protective agent into silver mirror reaction, because of which, the silver coating is bright silver and won’t go yellow, with high definition and reflective rate, and more like metal. 

4. Coating Won’t Go Fogged

The coating goes fogged is also because of oxidation or impurity, such as the base coating paint is polluted or not dry enough which cause oxidation, or the formula is not good enough that impurity sediment cause during silver coating reaction. That’s why some small nano spray plating/coating company will only manufacture small samples. If a company can manufacture big samples very beautiful, which will mean that their technology is good enough.

5. High Reaction Rate

6. Good Weather Resistance

Hongbo nano spray plating/coating technology adds protective agent into silver mirror reaction, which largely enhance the weather resistance of the silver coating.

7. The Service Life of the Paint is Longer and More Stable

With the advanced paint formula, the technology machine is easier to operate, with low cost and high rate of yield.

8. Improved Reductive Agent Makes the Coating More Stable

9. Added Microelements Into Reductive Agent Which Increase the Use-ratio of Silver Nitrate

10. With Specialized Machine, Specialized Materials, Water Tank and Dry Machine Will Do

Nowadays, many other nano spray technology requests large investment. However, Hongbo nano spray plating/coating technology with specialized machine, specialized materials, water tank and dry machine will do. Low investment and good effect, surely will be your first choice.

11. Easy Learning and Easy Operation

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