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Hongbo Nano Spray Plating/coating Technology

Categorys:Company View:67 Date:2019-12-04

In surface treatment industry, owing to its wide application, environmental protection, innovative technology, actual practicability, huge increment of value and outstanding quality, environmental friendly nano spray plating/coating technology is among industries. Its economic value is also remarkable.

1. Process Principle

With specialized machine and specialized materials, by using directly spray machine, among chemical reaction, the object be sprayed can realize an effect like electroplate, thus, the object’s surface can show out chrome, nickel, sand nickel, gold, silver, copper and other colors (like red, yellow, purple, green, blue and etc.) with mirror-like high bright effect.

2. Technological Process

Pre-treatment (degreasing and derusting)→ Spray base coating paint→ Dry→ Environmental friendly nano coating→ Spray finish coating paint→ Dry→ Packing

3. Application Range

Wide practicability: can apply on metal, resin, plastics, glass, ceramics, acrylic, wood, plaster, rubber, cement and other kinds of materials. And this technology can widely applies on car, home appliance, artcraft, company, mobile phone, decoration items, high-end furniture and other kinds of surface treatment industries.

4. Machine Technology Characteristics

Environmental Protection: green and environmental friendly, without toxic heavy metal, won’t cause three waste during production, is a safe and green high-tech spray technology.

Technology Innovation: easier operation with low cost, can locate spray and spray different colors on the same production.

Actual Practicability: the size and shape of the product have no limits, the color can be various.

Huge Increment of Value: those production don’t request conducting, don’t need to manufacture the conducting layer, which will lower the cost and higher the value.

Investment Stability: low investment cost, high increment of value, low production cost with no crisis.

Quality Excellence: outstanding adhesive force, high impact resistance, corrosion resistance, weather resistance, abrasive resistance, scratch resistance and good rust prevention property.
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